Strategic Partners

For projects requiring expertise beyond economic analysis, Mangum Economics partners with select companies to provide our clients with experienced, top-quality services.


Vinay Nagpal, President, Interglobix

Vinay Nagpal is a datacenter and connectivity industry leader with twenty-three years of experience developing datacenter solutions worldwide with a strong focus on networking, connectivity, subsea fiber and terrestrial fiber. He is president of InterGlobix LLC, a global solutions company focused on the convergence of datacenters, terrestrial and subsea fiber. InterGlobix offers strategic business consulting and marketing solutions for datacenter and the connectivity industry.

Neal Barber, President, Community Futures

Neal Barber’s professional career is devoted to improving the conditions of communities with a particular emphasis on distressed areas. He provides a range of assistance from strategic planning and futures scenarios to specific project management. Community Futures provides expertise to local and regional community organizations in areas of community development, economic development, housing, and sustainable development.

Liz Povar, Principal, RiverLink Group

Liz Povar is an economic development professional with over 30 years of local and state experience focusing on business retention and growth, entrepreneurial system development, higher education partnerships, and talent system development. The RiverLink Group builds networks of economic development success by connecting clients with intelligent resources, linking forward-thinking ideas with experienced capabilities, and advancing intellectual concepts into inspirational outcomes.